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Promising new window film may prevent bird collisions

The most recent research by Dr. Daniel Klem, who has been studying the problem of bird/window collisions since the 1990s, has just been published in the June 2009 Wilson Bulletin. It is available, along with lots of other bird/window resources, at his website here. Klem tested the effectiveness of various window treatments confirming, for example, […]

More Bird-friendly Window Treatments

Just a quick update on my window-collisions research: I’ve heard from several more people who have tried the highlighter with pretty good success. Continuing my own experiments here I’ve had over a month of 100% success with an array of monofilament stretched between two wooden boards outside the window. The monofilament is suspended a couple […]

More on windows and birds

After a week of pretty good success on the windows, today was cold with light snow, and the bird feeder was very active. I realized last week that one of many variables I need to consider when I record bird-strikes-per-hour is bird activity, but I haven’t tried to record that yet other than excluding long […]

Bird identification quiz 53: Eastern Sparrows in early September


Test your bird identification skills with the three photos below. These three sparrows were all photographed in Concord, MA on 11 Sep 2012. Can you identify the species? Today’s quiz features a bonus Everyone who submits a perfect score by noon Eastern Time tomorrow – Thursday September 13th – will be entered in a drawing […]

News about the eGuide to Birds

I’m happy to report some news about the Sibley eGuide to birds: The price of the app in all versions has been reduced 30% to $19.99, and a new Lite version for iPhone and iPad is available for free at iTunes. This is a fully functional version of the app that includes only 30 species. […]

Sibley eGuide available for Kindle Fire

Magnificent and Broad-billed Hummingbirds using the "compare" feature in landscape mode on the Kindle Fire.

The Sibley eGuide to birds was recently adapted for the Kindle Fire tablet (and still works on other Android OS devices). You can find it at the Amazon app store. In other news an update for the Android OS is coming soon that will (among other things) remove the annoying requirement to verify over the […]