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The Sibley Guide to Trees (click for info about the book)

In-depth discussions of identification of North American trees

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Most recent blog posts on trees

Introductory topics

An explanation of the philosophy behind the guide: A Modern (holistic) approach to Tree Identification

A list of minor editorial corrections

A list of species with opposite leaves

A post about fall leaf colors in conifers: Evergreens have fall color too

Variation in fall leaf color: Red Maple


A list of my most useful online references for trees

Posts about tree identification:

Species accounts:


  1. andy j serra says

    Dear David, I sent my daughter Lauren,who is a biologist in the Everglades a copy of ” Trees” for Xmas. She got her thesis on Slash pines.Her comment on your book,”Sibley did a good job on the trees”. And you did. Good luck, Andy.

        • Darren says

          ‘Fourth’ vote for Sibley Guide to Trees on iPad (for richness, for browsing at home) and iPhone (for use when walking and hiking).

          • Peter Lane says

            It a very good idea converted the book about trees for Iphone and Ipodtouch. it will becomming very helpfull on the ground…

            it a big must to do, it wiil becoming very great for every body ‘love’
            end identify trees around us.

            I wait for this very great tool

            Thank you David it very nice and helpfull book about tress of North America………………….Peter Lane from Quebec City, canada

  2. Jamie says

    This would be great on a a Blackberry Playbook as well. Just the right size for hiking – big enough to read, small enough to fit in my jacket pocket.

  3. says

    David, The American Goldfinch molt progression is really nice. A slide show of these makes a timelapse of an entire year of molt in a matter of seconds. Thanks for posting!

  4. Marie Ariel says

    I was so happy to discover a friend’s copy of The Sibley Guide to Trees. The explanations are exceptionally clear. I found the book too heavy to take into the field and was excited about the prospect of getting it for my ipad. I hope an electronic version will be forthcoming. I noticed that most of the folks who said the same thing made their posts in 2010. At that time there was no reply.. Is there an update about an electronic version? Hope so! In the meantime I will get the print version to keep at home. –Marie, Cambridge, MA

    • says

      Hi Marie, Thanks for your interest, I’m glad you like the book. There have been some dicussions about making an app of the Tree guide, and I’m hopeful, but nothing firm yet.

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