Backyard Bird Quiz: part II

Here’s the next installment in quizzes. I’ve removed the titles this time so hovering over the image shouldn’t give it away (but some browsers will still show the file name, try to ignore those and in the future I’ll use random file names). For those of you seeing this in Google Reader, I understand that the quiz doesn’t display correctly, and you’ll need to visit my website to make it work. The only other option is for Reader to show only summaries of all of my blog posts, and I assume you would rather click through for quizzes than have all of my blog posts reduced to summaries.

[mtouchquiz 4]

5 thoughts on “Backyard Bird Quiz: part II”

  1. Really enjoyed it. Hope you can keep them coming. I loaded the Sibley’s Bird App over the weekend & I’m very impressed!

  2. Pretty cool Dave-often we do not get a chance to see birds this close. Looking forward to trying the upcoming quizzes.

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