Mystery Bird Song – Concord, MA

I recorded this sound (with my iPhone, please excuse the poor quality) on 29 April 2012 near my house in Concord, MA. Have a listen and see what you think. For a little additional background information, which will also give you a hint, read the footnote below. ((This is a fairly common variant of the song of a common bird here in Massachusetts. I suspect that local birders, at least, will identify it easily, but I think it is specific to this area so I’m curious to know if it sounds familiar to birders from other regions.))

Click this link to listen to the sound:

And when you’re ready to know the answer click here.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Bird Song – Concord, MA”

  1. Lila Ollmann

    I heard a Tufted Titmouse singing a very similar, what I though of as a whirring song, in Hartford, Vt a few months ago! The person with me who know birds better than I do thought it must be a second Carolina Wren until she actually saw the Titmouse singing the song. I think I still have the recording on my iPhone too!

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