Quiz 28: More Warblers

Update: Congratulations to Vjera, the winner of this week’s prize drawing! Thanks to all who entered. Watch for another giveaway next week.

The quiz prize drawing is back for another round

If you get all three questions correct, be sure to click the “Get Results” button at the end of the quiz and submit your results. Everyone who submits a perfect score by 6 PM Eastern Time today will be entered into a random drawing for the prize.

There is no limit to how many times you can attempt the quiz, so feel free to keep trying until you get all three questions right. ((Some more rules: This contest is open to anyone, however, the prize must be deliverable by the United States Post Office to an address in the United States or Canada only. No shipments outside of this area will be made.
The winner will be notified by email.
Entering your email address means that you might receive occasional emails from me in the future about upcoming Sibley Guides events, but I will never give your email address to anyone else.))

The prize this week is an autographed set of my new Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards: 100 Common Birds of Eastern and Western North America

Click START below to take the quiz, and good luck!

This quiz continues the week’s theme of warblers, in anticipation of the spring migration (which is already in full swing in some parts of the country).

With thanks, again, to Brian E. Small for providing the beautiful photos. You can see lots more at his website.

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7 thoughts on “Quiz 28: More Warblers”

  1. Mikael Wikstrom

    Question 4 was tricky since no three warblers were listed so I thought the question related to the FOUR warblers in question 3. Obviously, this was not the case since in the comment to the answer the Chestnut-sided Warbler was mentioned and this warbler was not listed in question 3. OK, now I see, the question related to the correct answers on questions 1 to 3.

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