A quiz on dabbling ducks

Duck_quiz4Below are six ducks in a typical foraging posture, with their heads underwater. See if you can identify the species by their back ends. (All paintings by David Sibley)

[mtouchquiz 67]

10 thoughts on “A quiz on dabbling ducks”

  1. Deniise Nichols

    ty so much this helps me along with your wonderful books for much easier identification of the many waterfowl moving through our area right now. We live on a lake in northern Indiana. Migration in full swing. Happy spring.

  2. Ha! Yesterday I posted some pics from Sandy Hook, NJ with some Brants foraging…. Facebook : Gary Celeste
    I never saw a Brant before, had to look it up when I came home, but they made a great cackling noise….

  3. Rosemarie Widmer

    Hi David,
    I had to look up Blue winged teal just don’t see them enough.
    I enjoy all your quizzes, great fun, even when I don’t get them all right.

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