Quiz: bird topography

Quiz 10: Head feathers – without markings

This quiz features a Dark-eyed Junco, a species with no discernible color pattern on the head. How can you distinguish groups of head feathers with no color patterns? By looking for the subtle creases and shadows at the edges of the feather groups, and differences in the orientation of the feathers.

Quiz 9: More on Head feathers

Here is a close-up of the head of a Song Sparrow, showing the feather groups and feather markings really well. In the copy below, I’ve outlined the feather groups, so that you can test your knowledge in the quiz that follows.

A quiz on bird wing feathers

The major groups of feathers on the wing are showing well on this American Robin, and each is labeled with a letter. In the quiz below, select the letter that matches the feather group named in that question.