Quiz on estimating numbers – flocks in flight

Clicking on any image will open the full size image in a new window, so you can study the larger size and then return to the quiz – still in progress – in this window. Thanks to Martin Reid for allowing the use of his photos (and for counting the birds in each one!). [mtouchquiz 69]

Quiz on Belizean Birds and Greater Coverts

Find the Greater Secondary Coverts These are some of my digiscoped photos from a recent trip to Belize, all taken at the fantastic Black Rock Lodge. On each photo body parts are labeled with letters, and your challenge is to identify the greater secondary coverts on each bird. Good luck! [mtouchquiz 64]

A video bird quiz

The answer is at the end of the video, and in the text below. It has been a relatively mild winter in Massachusetts, but the blizzard of Feb 2013 put over two feet of snow on the ground, effectively eliminating most of the grassy and weedy habitat sparrows need. In such conditions the plowed edges …

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Quiz 54: Head patterns

The three photos below show a Song Sparrow as it turns its head. Your challenge is to locate the plumage marking known as the lateral throat stripe in each photo. Photos ©David Sibley. Sep 2012, Concord MA.

Bird identification quiz 53: Eastern Sparrows in early September

Test your bird identification skills with the three photos below. These three sparrows were all photographed in Concord, MA on 11 Sep 2012. Can you identify the species? Today’s quiz features a bonus Everyone who submits a perfect score by noon Eastern Time tomorrow – Thursday September 13th – will be entered in a drawing …

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