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About Sibley Guides

I’m David Sibley, author and illustrator of the Sibley Guides and other books (and now apps as well) about birds and nature. I’ve been an avid birdwatcher for most of my life, with drawing and painting as a way of exploring nature. Simple observation always leads to new ideas and new discoveries, and one of my greatest satisfactions is learning new things about the natural world. In my books I try to pass along some of that knowledge – as well as the wonder and joy that I have experienced over the years – to help others gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Birding!

male Wood Duck, acrylic on Bristol Board © David Sibley

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Recent Blog Posts

New illustrations of Cave Swallow subspecies

Prompted by a couple of recent records of Cave Swallows in the northeastern US, I've taken a fresh look at subspecies and done some new illustrations. In April 2021 Cave Swallows have been found in New Jersey and Massachusetts. Both have been identified as the Caribbean subspecies group. Since the 1990s Cave Swallow has been ...
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Variation in eastern Fox Sparrows

Mid-March is when the first northbound Fox Sparrows show up in Massachusetts, and it's always a pleasure to see this burly, richly-colored sparrow. I've been working on some new illustrations showing the variation among the birds in my yard this week. A very red individual of the Red group of Fox Sparrow. Original illustration © ...
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Distinguishing the subspecies of Redwing

Here is another recent project: I've been working on new and improved illustrations of Redwing for the bird guide and app, showing the differences between the two subspecies. The Redwing (Turdus iliacus) is a thrush common across Eurasia, from Iceland to Siberia. It is a very rare visitor to North America, mostly in Atlantic Canada ...
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Distinguishing subspecies of Sandhill Crane

Typical individuals of the two subspecies groups of Sandhill Crane - Lesser above and Greater below. Original illustration © David Sibley Here's a new illustration I've done as part of some work on distinguishing the two subspecies groups of Sandhill Crane. Six subspecies of Sandhill Crane are generally recognized, but for field observers it's more ...
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Variation in Pine Siskins and the so-called “green morph”

Pine Siskins – streaky relatives of goldfinches – are so distinctive as a species that we tend to overlook their considerable individual variation. Siskins are unusual among the small finches in that males and females look nearly identical. Subtle individual differences in the amount or intensity of streaking, or in overall color, have no bearing ...
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A new puzzle for 2020!

On sale 17 November 2020 from Clarkson Potter - a new Backyard Birds Jigsaw Puzzle for $19.99 A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring 49 species of familiar North American birds, with original artwork by David Sibley. A fold-out poster of the puzzle image is also included! Shop now ...
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