posted November 5th, 2009; last edited December 2nd, 2009 –– David Sibley

Hawks in Flight

hawks in flight

Hawks in Flight paperback edition published in 1989


Hawks in Flight original hardcover edition published in 1988

Published by Houghton Mifflin Co.

Info and sales at or your local independent bookstore

First printing 1988

New cover on paperback edition in 1989

Written by Pete Dunne and Clay Sutton, with my pen-and-ink illustrations, this book took a holistic approach to hawk identification, which was being practiced at many hawkwatching sites around North America and Europe, but had not been presented in any previous books about North American hawks. It was based on our years of experience watching and studying hawks in flight, mostly at Cape May, New Jersey. With an emphasis on shape and flight style, and on general patterns of dark and light – the things that can be seen at a distance – we tried to bring the seemingly mystical identification techniques of the experienced hawkwatcher and make them at least understandable to the novice.

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