The First Round – Part 2

Four “matchups” are shown below, and below each image are checkboxes where you can pick one of the two species as your favorite. Be sure to click the “Submit” button at the bottom so that your votes are counted.

All contest news will be announced through my Facebook page


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Information about the contest

This contest is modeled on the NCAA basketball tournament, but you – the readers – are able to vote on your favorite bird in a series of one-on-one matchups.

Anyone can vote. Those who filled out and submitted a bracket will be in the running to win the prize – a complete set of six Sibley Guides, all signed, and with a sketch of the winning bird drawn in the Sibley Guide to Birds, Second Edition.

Information about the bracket, announcements and links to new contests, and the results, will all be posted on my Facebook page, so check in there to be sure you don’t miss the next installment.

6 thoughts on “The First Round – Part 2”

  1. Thanks! I have used the first edition of your guide for years. It’s dirty and tattered now, a little swollen from having mysterious plant leaves jammed in it for later identification – and it lives on for more days of use!
    James Wahl
    McNeal, Arizona

  2. I’ve no idea how this relates to basketball tournaments.
    (OK, so I did a search on “basketball tournament brackets” and
    pulled up some images not nearly as interesting as those above.
    I’ve now exhausted my interest in basketball.)

    Facebook gets tapped every couple of months or so.
    I guess I’ll just wait for something to show up in the feed.

    Continued success in all your endeavors, Mr. Sibley. I’m
    so glad someone like you is in the birding world.

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