The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America


First edition, April 2003

432 pages

This 2003 First Edition has now been replaced by the Second Edition, on sale March 29, 2016

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Originally published in 2003

A French Language edition has been published in Canada

Updates and corrections

What species are in the Eastern and Western bird guides?

Which bird book should I buy?

Changes to official bird names since 2000

The Sibley Field Guides to Birds East and West were both published in April 2003. They use the same artwork from the original Sibley Guide to Birds. These employ a different design, with each page divided into top and bottom halves, and the species info fit into that space. No changes were made to the artwork, but fewer illustrations are used in these smaller books. The text was largely rewritten. The largest differences being that the voice descriptions are simplified, and a sentence or two was added to each species describing the general status and habitat. Finally, the maps were completely revised for these books, using a team of over 100 experts from around the continent, compiled by Paul Lehman.