Updates and Corrections to the Sibley Eastern Field Guide

p. 76 – Northern Shoveler text in mid-paragraph says “with with”

p 136 – Shorebirds family, parentheses at end of paragraph are unclear. This should read “(very rare species are not shown)”.

p 227 – Snowy Owl: map, the large blank area in northwestern Canada and central Alaska should not be blank.

p 336 – Blackburnian Warbler: in middle of text paragraph should read “On drab individuals note dark cheek surrounded by yellow, broad yellow partial eye-ring, and pale stripes on back.”

p 339 – Townsend’s Warbler: the very tip of the male’s bill is cut off, making it look too stubby.

On many species the opening sentence giving status can be unclear. For example,  Anhinga begins with the sentence “Uncommon in wooded swamps and on ponds and canals.” This could be read to mean that the species is uncommon specifically in those habitats (and may be more common in other habitats). It is meant to say that the species is uncommon, and is found in those habitats.

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