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The Wind Masters: the lives of North American birds of prey


Written by Pete Dunne with scratchboard illustrations David Sibley.

Originally published in hardcover 1995, reprinted in paperback 2003

294 pages

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Pete Dunne’s stories show what it is like to be a bird of prey. He takes us inside the lives and minds of all thirty-four species of diurnal raptors found in North America — hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures, the osprey, and the harrier — and shows us how each bird sees the world, hunts its prey, finds and courts its mate, rears its young, grows up, grows old, and dies.

Vividly written, and beautifully illustrated by David Sibley, The Wind Masters is a brilliant work of narrative natural history in the tradition of Peter Matthiessen’s The Wind Birds and Barry Lopez’s Of Wolves and Men.

Version History

Version history

First Edition hardcover 1995

Originally published in hardcover by Houghton Mifflin in Oct 1995

Paperback 2003

Reprinted in paperback by Mariner Books, 2003