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All events are subject to change. Please confirm locations and times with the local venue. I will do my best to update these events, but you should not rely on the information here.

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To inquire about my availability for speaking: I am represented by Random House Speakers Bureau. To book a lecture or other event, please use the “Contact Us” link on the left side of that page.


Aug 2010 – A detailed interview about my art and the bird and tree guides is here.

Mar 2010 – A short Q & A about the book Bright Wings is here.

Feb 2010 – An interview I did with the American Birding Association’s Young Birder’s Blog is here.

In Jan 2010 I wrote a piece for Publisher’s Weekly’s series “Why I write”, you can read it here.

Fall 2009 interviews and reviews about the Guide to Trees can be found on the Press about the Guide to Trees page

A list of older selected Interviews


  1. Terri Hurley says

    When will you be coming to the Houston, Texas area? I see you are tentatively scheduled to be in
    Dallas, but Houston is certainly more of a birdy town than Dallas! What’s up with that?!

  2. Kathryn Gerlach says

    I hope you will come to New Orleans. We have some great independent bookstores and a number of beautiful parks for bird walks, including Audubon Park, City Park, and Lafitte National Park. You can have your photo make next to a bronze statue of James Audubon!

  3. Kim Sheahan says

    I can’t believe I am stuck in the far west suburbs of Chicago with a bad foot and you are so close! Do you ship signed books by chance?

    • says

      Hi Kim, Sorry you couldn’t make it last night. I signed some extra books there before I left, so they should still have signed copies that you could pick up or ask about shipping. In general any bookstore that I visit would be happy to take your order for a personalized book and ship it to you after my visit, so you can check my schedule and call ahead to place an order.


  4. Kevin says

    Dear David,

    Thank you for the 2nd edition of your Guide to Birds. The stunning artwork, wealth of information, and optimal design have made it well worth the wait. I would like to purchase a signed copy for home use, while using my current copy in the field. However, I am inclined to wait until the second printing for this. So, I am wondering (1) when you estimate the next printing will take place and (2) if you will still be doing your book tour at that point. I would plan to call ahead to place the order.

    Thanks again for your outstanding Guide, and good birding.


  5. Donna Cooper says

    Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t find the Q&A at the link shown for Bright Wings:
    “Mar 2010 – A short Q & A about the book Bright Wings is here.”

  6. Betsy Emerson says

    We very much would like to come to your talk in Burlington VT on June 26 but it is sold out. Will you be speaking anywhere else in New England? We would follow you anywhere!

  7. says

    Hello. I would like to write David about the possibility of teaching a class at Shakerag Workshops in June of 2017. Could you please send me an email address or US Postal address so that I can send a letter? thank you.

    Claire Reishman

  8. Bob Brown says

    David, I am looking forward to your visit to Humboldt County, CA for Godwit Days in mid April. Just curious -do you have any specific birds you look forward to seeing when here?

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