North Country Public Radio – October 10, 2003
David Sibley led a group of North Country birders along Clarkson University’s nature trails last fall. Martha Foley went along.

The Diane Rehm Show – May 30, 2001 (scroll down)
David Sibley: The Sibley Guide to Birds

NPR Science Friday: December 22, 2000
Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count/ Sibley Guide to Birds

The Connection – WBUR Boston: November 24, 2000
Interview with Dick Gordon

Video Interview (from Random House)
Print Interviews
UConn Advance article April 23, 2007

Q&A at the Borzoi Reader


Virtual Birder
Fred Bouchard

A Sibley Home Companion
Interview by Miyoko Chu

National Audubon Interview

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