More rare bird news and a correction

The latest Siberian highlight was California’s first Eurasian Kestrel banded in Marin Co. CA on 23 October 2007 but not seen again (photos here). About 10 North American Records.

Otherwise, in addition to what I listed previously, a Dusky Warbler and four Eastern Yellow Wagtails in CA, and a Rustic Bunting in BC are the only Siberian birds that I’ve heard of that seemed to find their way down from Alaska. A little above average, perhaps, but my earlier excitement about watching for Eye-browed thrushes, etc hasn’t really panned out. Although there’s still time….

A well-seen adult Ross’s Gull November 10-11 at Vanderhoof, north-central BC ( the 2nd for BC, with a very late and rare-inland Arctic Tern). There was an earlier report of an adult Ross’s Gull in September in eastern Colorado! So this is another species for southern birders to keep in mind.

Probably unrelated to the Ross’s Gull, but quite a coincidence in timing, an Ivory Gull was reported on 11 November just inland from Vancouver, BC.

The Green-breasted Mango continues in Georgia, and the Wisconsin bird now survives in captivity. See my previous post about mangos for more.

Correction – I said in a previous post that a Tristram’s Storm-Petrel off southern California in July this year was the first ever reported in North America, but there are photos of an apparent Tristram’s Storm-Petrel trapped on the Farallons, off San Francisco, CA on 22 Apr 2006 (photo here) and currently under review by the California Bird Records Committee.

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