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🔶 🔶 I will be away from the studio and out birding from Saturday May 8 to Thursday May 20, and any orders received during that time will be shipped after I return on the 20th.
Thanks for your support and patience. Stay healthy and keep birding!

New products

Responding to some recent questions:
A couple of readers have asked about any plans for an updated version of my bird guides. This is something I’m always planning for and I look forward to compiling all the new things I’m learning into a new edition in the future. But there are no plans at present to create an updated version of the bird guide. Whether that will happen in two years, five years, or more will depend on a lot of other things.

In the meantime a French language edition of the Eastern Guide was published in Quebec by Michel Quintin in 2006. This was translated by an expert birder – Normand David (with help from Serge Gagne) – who painstakingly read and interpreted every word, so the translation actually offers a lot of editorial improvements and some Quebec-specific tidbits compared to the English language edition.

And while I’m at it, I’ll mention the new calendars. Ronnie Sellers Publishing, Inc. has produced a wall calendar, a weekly appointment planner, and a page-a-day calendar for 2008.

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