A reprieve for Red Knots

Great news: New Jersey’s governor Corzine yesterday signed into law a moratorium on the harvest of Horseshoe Crabs in that state (press release here). This is great news for Red Knots – politicians have finally recognized the dire situation and put the needs of a species ahead of the seasonal income of a few fishermen. This moratorium protects the knot’s primary food source during spring migration. Hopefully other states (especially Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) will follow New Jersey’s example, and hopefully this action has come in time to allow the crab and knot populations to recover. See my previous post for background on the Red Knot’s troubles.

1 thought on “A reprieve for Red Knots”

  1. A very good new for the conservation of this species. I hope other states and countries do the same and protect wetlands all over the world.

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