How many rare birds do we miss?

As birders we often talk about the problem of common birds being misidentified as rare ones. The counterpoint, but probably more frequent, is that rare birds are simply overlooked. Here’s a link to a fantastic “Awareness Test” on YouTube. 

Give it a try, it only takes a minute. The relevance of this test to bird identification should be obvious, so now you can just imagine all the rare birds you haven’t seen.

9 thoughts on “How many rare birds do we miss?”

  1. VERY interesting Dave! I had a roosting Screech owl right outside my front door and I only found it by accident, so the point is well taken.

  2. Blonde-headed Nuthatch

    After taking the test I have come to the realization that I have most likely missed around 12,000 rarities since I began birding in 1989. Most of these while I was intently studying my trusty Sibley Field Guide. D#@*~!

  3. David, when this was dancing around the twitter a while ago, I actually thought of you, one of the few people I know who wouldn’t be in the least fazed by it.

    Missing the keenly observant in my current forays outside the birdwatching world,

  4. Nice! I failed it, but it has a good point. I always miss things if I am not specifically looking for them. Thanks!

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