Updates to the Tree Guide

I have spent the last seven years working intensively on my new Guide to Trees, but of course a few misstatements and errors somehow managed to creep in. I’m always interested in learning more, correcting my mistakes, and passing along to you – the reader – newer, better, more accurate information.

So if you notice any errors, or anything that seems to be missing or misleading, please don’t hesitate to let me know, either by leaving a comment here or sending me an email. I’ll be posting additions and corrections as time allows. (And the same goes for any of my bird guides, of course)


4 thoughts on “Updates to the Tree Guide”

  1. Hi David, great work on the new guide. The only mistake I see is that the title should read "The AWESOME Sibley Guide to Trees." Any plans to branch out into other field guides? (Bad pun intended)

  2. Nice interview on powells.com today, too. Looking forward to buying your book for my husband and me, and for our tree-loving daughter. We're loyal Sibley fans!

  3. Hi Patrick and Renee, Thanks for the compliments. While there are lots of other interesting topics to cover in field guides, I think I'll be sticking with a few more projects involving birds and trees for the foreseeable future.

  4. David, I'm loving the guide so far! I'm just at the browsing/leafing-through stage so far, but might have found a misprint.
    In the Southern Red Oak account on pg 189, a note states:
    acorn identical to Southern Red Oak

    I'm thinking that should be a different species, perhaps "Northern"?

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