New York Times on windows and birds

An article in the Aug 28, 2010 edition of the New York Times –¬†Warning to Birds: All-Glass Buildings Ahead –¬†describes recent developments in window technology to prevent bird collisions, which is very encouraging because it demonstrates a recognition of the issue by the major news media and by industry. Thanks to the work being done by Daniel Klem, New York City Audubon, FLAP, American Bird Conservancy, and many others to bring this to the forefront.

The article mentions a new UV-patterned glass manufactured in Germany and available in the US through Roeder Windows and Doors.

The article also mentions a UV-patterned window film that I wrote about previously, and says it is available from Solutia, but that website makes no mention of it.

While we wait for these products to become more widespread and less expensive, there are a lot of quick and easy ways to cut down on bird strikes. I still hear from people who have success with the highlighter method I wrote about here. Many other solutions are mentioned in my posts, in the comments, and on other websites. If you have windows, you should try one or more of these solutions.

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