Sibley Guide in action – Redpoll Identification

Not an April Fool’s joke, this is a real photo taken today by Scott Young in New Hampshire (Thanks, Scott). Clicking the photo links to his Flickr site where you can also see other photos of redpolls, including Hoarys.

Common Redpolls check out their identification in the Sibley Guide. Photo copyright Scott Young.

3 thoughts on “Sibley Guide in action – Redpoll Identification”

  1. I always suspected redpolls were readers. Thanks for confirming, David — and kudos to Scott Young for the very clever photo.

  2. Iskander Makhmudov

    Great humor in this photo. And above all I found your site, Mr. Sibley, very amusing. I wish we would have such man of energy and knowledge in Russia among local birdwatchers. Your idea of portable application with access to database of all North American birds – it’s just brilliant. Kudos to you!

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