The eGuide for Blackberry is available!

At last….  The Sibley eGuide is now available for Blackberry!

Check it out at the Blackberry App Store

Now Blackberry owners can enjoy having the entire content of the acclaimed Sibley Guide to Birds on a device that fits in your pocket – all 810 species, over 6600 paintings, over 700 range maps, and detailed text – plus over 2300 audio recordings and the ability to filter species by size, shape, and color.

The interface of this app has been designed with birders in mind, to give quick and easy access to the information you need in the field. Find any species in seconds by typing a few letters of its name, and see all of the critical information on the screen (and no need to access the internet after the content is loaded on your phone!). So you can quickly check a plumage feature, field mark, sound, or range map, and get back to actually looking at birds. The result is a complete and authoritative guide to the identification of North American birds, in a convenient and easy-to-use format that fits in the palm of your hand.

Note: The Blackberry app includes all of the content and virtually all of the functionality described for the Sibley eGuide, but currently does not include either the regional search data or the compare feature found in the iPhone and Android apps. The regional data is planned to be added in a free update in late May 2011.

More info on the eGuide for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

Link to Blackberry App Store

6 thoughts on “The eGuide for Blackberry is available!”

  1. AppWorld is not working again. It says that the eGuide upgrade is not available for download. AppWorld really sucks! Too bad you can’t offer your app through MobiHand.

  2. Nice changes in ver 4. Could never get update from BB AppWorld. Once again Rob came to the rescue. Used for 2 weeks in eastern Washington. Really fun. We like and still use the book but the app is our main source now. The sounds are a major tool we use often. Keep up the good work.

  3. Just downloaded app for my Blackberry Torch 9800. I can not seem to find any way to use the compare feature. I downloaded the free I-Pod version and can see how it works there.

    1. Hi Dorothy, I’ve forwarded your question to the developers and I’m sure they will be able to resolve the Blackberry issue to your satisfaction. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

    2. Good day Dorothy,

      Unfortunately due to the limited screen size and physical resources (device memory etc) on most BlackBerry devices the compare functionality was intentionally left out of the BlackBerry version.

      We are investigating means to get the compare functionality working both aesthetically and correctly on such devices and will hopefully have a free update with it included in the near future.

      Our apologies for the confusion and disappointment.

      Regards, Development Team

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