Western Grebes can walk!

Western Grebe walking. Ocean Shores, WA. 7 Mar 2012. Photo copyright Larry Engles.

In the Sibley Guide to Birds I wrote that Western and Clark’s Grebes are “incapable of walking”. I thought they could only push themselves along on their bellies, but I should have known that I was flirting with danger by writing such an absolute statement. Soon after the book was published I heard that they are capable of walking, although they do it rarely and it’s not very easy for them.

Now Larry Engles has emailed me with a really nice series of photos confirming that Western Grebe can walk. One photo is here, and you can see the rest of the series at Larry’s website.


3 thoughts on “Western Grebes can walk!”

  1. It looks like this bird is tip-toe-ing, and rather uncomfortable doing so…. But sonofagun he’s walking like a toddler — baby’s first steps ! 🙂

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