Updates and corrections to the 2016 Second Edition Western Guide


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Updates and Corrections

p. xix – lower left, the label reading “lessers coverts” should be changed to “lesser coverts”

page 9 – The main text block for Snow Goose is partially hidden by the image to the right, chopping off a few words from the ends of some lines. The full text should read: “Locally common in a few key wintering areas, elsewhere uncommon to rare. In winter, forms large flocks that forage in agricultural fields and coastal salt marshes. Two color morphs. White morph told from all-white domestic geese by pink bill and legs, dark primaries. Hoarse honking call harsher and more raucous than other geese, recalling Great Blue Heron. Flock chorus slow-paced, with single honks on varied pitches; pitch range greater than other geese.” and here is an image showing the missing words added in red.
A scan of the Snow Goose text from page 9 of the Western Guide, with missing words added in red.

page 17 – The map shown for Wood Duck is the wrong map. The correct map is shown here:
Wood DuckMap

Click here to view a one-page pdf of this map. You can save the pdf, and printing it at 100% should produce a map of the correct size to trim and paste into the book.

page 39 – Mountain Quail

The text begins with “Uncommon. Uncommon.” delete one.

page 43 – Willow Ptarmigan

The map for Willow Ptarmigan is the wrong map. The map shown is a repeat of White-tailed Ptarmigan, the actual range of Willow Ptarmigan is very similar to Rock Ptarmigan. The correct map is shown here:

Click here to view a one-page pdf of this map. You can save the pdf, and printing it at 100% should produce a map of the correct size to trim and paste into the book.

page 193 – the final “t” on Murrelet is missing

page 221 – Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl is missing a weight in ounces, it should be 2.5 oz

page 254 – Page numbers listed next to images in the Falcon family summary are incorrect. The actual page numbers should be:

  • Aplomado Falcon, page 257
  • Gyrfalcon, page 255
  • Prairie Falcon, page 257
  • Peregrine Falcon, page 256
  • American Kestrel, page 258
  • Merlin, page 259
  • Crested Caracara, page 254

page 310 – Purple Martin

Text just above the map should read “Females of Western populations average paler than Eastern…”.

And since all plumages except adult female are similar between East and West, it would make more sense to delete the “Eastern” labels from the adult male and juvenile images.

page 436 – Eastern Meadowlark

The images in the left column are duplicates of the images in the right column, so the southwestern (Lilian’s) subspecies is illustrated twice, and the eastern subspecies is not shown at all. The eastern subspecies, which should be shown in the left column, is slightly darker overall, more rufous-tinged above, with less white in the tail. Frankly, the eastern subspecies hardly deserves a place in this guide. The only known records in the region are a few in eastern Colorado. All records of Eastern Meadowlarks in Arizona and New Mexico are the Lilian’s subspecies.

page 458-465 – The checklist included in the book is missing some species, and has a few other errors. The full list of corrections is below.

A revised list is available at the links below as a pdf that can be saved to your computer and printed at home. Printing on both sides of a sheet of paper, then folding into three or four panels, and trimming the bottom edge, should result in a list that fits neatly into the back of the book. Two versions are available here:

For standard 8.5 x 11″ paper (in six columns so it can be folded into three parts, but with a smaller font)

For legal size paper 8.5 x 14″ (in 8 columns with a slightly larger font)

Species missing from the list:
Swan Goose, 3
Taiga Bean-Goose, 4
Tundra Bean-Goose, 4
Montezuma Quail, 37
Northern Bobwhite, 37
California Quail, 38
Gambel’s Quail, 38
Mountain Quail, 39
Scaled Quail, 39
Great Egret, 82
Snowy Egret, 83
White-tailed Kite, 97
Wandering Tattler, 137
Gray-tailed Tattler, 137
African Collared-Dove, 202
Black-throated Magpie-Jay, 301
Japanese White-eye, 335
European Goldfinch, 455
Orange-cheeked Waxbill, 455

Species listed that are not included in the guide:
Great-winged Petrel
Snail Kite

Species with incorrect page number:
Semipalmated Plover, 122
Black Skimmer, 184
Bushtit, 317

Species with typo in name:
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, 260

page 473 – The index entry for American Redstart (American, 377) appears under “Redshank”. It should be moved down to appear under “Redstart”.

page 476 – The first two index entries under “Warblers” are out of order, move Grace’s and Palm down to be in alphabetical order.

4 thoughts on “Updates and corrections to the 2016 Second Edition Western Guide”

  1. Rebecca Smith-Gridley

    Additional corrections:

    Page 254 – all page numbers referenced are incorrect:
    Aplomado Falcon – 239 s/b 257
    Gyrfalcon – 237 s/b 255
    Prairie Falcon – 239 s/b 257
    Peregrine Falcon – Peregrine misspelled as Pregrine and 236 s/b 256
    American Kestrel – 240 s/b 258
    Merlin – 241 s/b 259
    Crested Caracara – 236 s/b 254

  2. Error
    Page ix
    “Red-tailed Hawks in most of Western North America are the subspecies borealis and have the full name Buteo jamaicensis calurus”

  3. This amount of mistakes is clearly unacceptable. Need to re-publish book with corrections. Who does your editing, anyway!?

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