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Black-and-white prints from “The Wind Masters” Osprey print is sold out. This set of four prints is taken from artwork originally published in The Wind Masters by Pete Dunne (Houghton Mifflin Co., 1995). The original drawings were done in 1993 and 1994 on scratchboard, a medium in which ink is applied to a board and […]

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What species are in the Eastern and Western bird guides?

The Eastern and Western Guides were carefully planned to avoid dividing states. The Rocky Mountains form a natural biological and climatic division of the continent, and basically any state or Province entirely east of the Rocky Mountains will be covered by the Eastern Guide, while states and provinces in, or west of, the Rockies will

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North Country Public Radio – October 10, 2003 David Sibley led a group of North Country birders along Clarkson University’s nature trails last fall. Martha Foley went along. The Diane Rehm Show – May 30, 2001 (scroll down) David Sibley: The Sibley Guide to Birds NPR Science Friday: December 22, 2000 Annual Audubon Christmas Bird

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