What’s different in the second edition of the Sibley Guide to Birds?

The 2014 Second Edition of the Sibley Guide to Birds is a major update to the original 2000 edition.

  • many new images and over 100 new species added, bringing the total to over 900 species and over 7000 images
  • most images revised and all rescanned
  • all text revised and updated, with more habitat and population details added
  • all maps revised
  • names and taxonomy follow the latest AOS checklist

The second edition (2014) is essentially an entirely new book, created by revising every element of the first edition, adding some new material, and assembling the updated parts into a new whole. Over 100 new species have been added, and over 600 new images. Most of the original paintings have been retouched in some way, and all were rescanned using the latest technology. The text is largely rewritten, maps updated, and the layout adjusted to allow more text and a more logical arrangement of text on each page.

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