New Folding Guides to birds

The Sibley Guide to Birds is now available in a series of eight laminated “folding guides” to birds. They can be found in many book and nature shops for $7.95 each, or ordered directly from Steven M. Lewers + Associates. The titles are listed below, clicking any of them will take you to the Steven M. Lewers + Associates web page for more details.

The guides are laminated and waterproof, 4 by 9 inches with six panels. The five regional titles cover about 70 species of the most frequently-seen landbirds in each region, with illustrations and a short description of key features. Three other guides cover distinctive groups of birds – hawks, owls, and waterfowl.

Sibley’s Backyard Birds of New England & Northern New York

Sibley’s Backyard Birds of the Mid-Atlantic & South-central States

Sibley’s Backyard Birds of the Southeast

Sibley’s Backyard Birds of Florida

Sibley’s Backyard Birds of Eastern Texas

Sibley’s Ducks, Geese, & Swans of Eastern North America

Sibley’s Owls of North America

Sibley’s Raptors of Eastern North America


  1. Doris Inssle says

    Saw your guides in a hardware store — by accident and spent 30 minutes looking them over. Wonderful, explicit identification guides that can be carried around easily. Seems to have a good grouping for specific areas.

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