Upcoming Events – March 2010

I have updated my events page with several public events in the next few weeks, including a live radio show with Ken Gale on Tuesday March 9th at 11 AM on WBAI, 99.5 FM NYC or live-streamed on http://www.wbai.org.

March 6th in Westminster, MD

March 10th in New York, NY

March 20th auction of a small original painting in Topsfield, MA.

And links to a couple of new interviews.

All at the events page

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events – March 2010”

  1. A friend has given me your day by day tear-off calendar for the last 3 Xmases. They would be VERY good if there was a little more info, besides description of the bird and a distribution map, such description of habitat and habit. There is room for a few more lines, and it would turn the calendar into a learning tool instead of something that is simply pretty.

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