3 thoughts on “Birding Basics – Now in Spanish!”

  1. ¡Felicitaciones! I look forward to sharing the book with our Spanish-speaking library patrons. By the way, do you do book tours? We would love to have you visit our library in Florida.
    Many thanks,
    Rebecca Swensen Hickman, Guilford High School Class of 1984.

  2. LOL – I’d love to buy this for the Spanish-speaking woman who took my entrance fee five years ago at John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo, FL. I’ll never in my life forget the conversation.

    Me: “Excuse me, do you have any bird checklists?”
    Her: “Eh?”
    Me: “Bird checklists? (realising she barely spoke English) I’m. here. to. look. at. birds.”
    Her: “Burdz?”
    Me: (sigh) Yes. Biiirrrrdddsss.”
    Her: “Um…no…no we don’ have burdz ‘ere.”

    At this point, I’m just about to roll my eyes out of their sockets. The Keys are stinking covered in birds. I’m pretty sure I can see ten species from where I’m sitting in my car.

    2nd Ranger (who just walked in): “No, wait, here you go!” (Hands me a checklist)

    It worked out okay, though. I got my lifer White-crowned Pigeon on that trip. lol

  3. Good idea! I´d like to buy this nice little book for a couple of new yorkers we receive every year in our lodge in the rainforest in Costa Rica. In spite of their interest, they don´t know any spanish, so I have to translate everything for them. It would be a good gift for these keen north american birders, and very useful for them (if they learn some basic spanish first, I hope they can do it, it´s not too difficult).

    But next time try to say “bird” with english accent, maybe she understands you better!

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