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  1. Jerry, Thanks for your faith!

    Hi Chuck,
    The app has been submitted and we’re just waiting for approval from the Android Market, which should only take another day or two (we hope). I’ll post an update here as soon as I know.

  2. App. looks good on Droid X but, I cannot find Compare button or search window at the top of the Tax. or Alphabet lists. Also on shut down it shows window saying unexpected shut down and you have to close with a “forced close” button. Early Android Bugs?

    1. Hi Karl and all, Sorry for these problems. The developers have found the bug causing the “force close” issues and will be posting an updated app within a few hours to fix it. (It was apparently introduced by the Android licensing tool when the app was uploaded). I’ll check on the search window. Several other issues will be addressed in another update within a few days, so keep those suggestions coming, and Thanks for your support!

      1. Is anyone else having problems getting the app to work? I have followed the instructions for downloading the files for the SD card,and installing the app. And thought the root directory shows that the files are on the SD card, i still get an error message saying they aren’t.
        Any suggestions, please? I’ve been waiting for this app forever.


  3. I am missing a number of chip and call notes for various species. A few I have found are Northern Cardinal, both Meadowlarks, Winter Wren. Winter Wren seems to be abbreviated coverage; missing Western and Bering Sea types as in the field guide. I am aware of the recent changes to wiwr taxonomy but just curious; am I missing files?

    1. Jerry, We’ll be adding to the sounds over time but we don’t have complete coverage (yet) for call notes of every species. I doubt that you are actually missing files, but if you see any serious gaps please let me know so I can confirm. The name Winter Wren is now limited to the eastern populations, so recordings of Western types are under the species Pacific Wren. Hope this helps.

  4. Here’s a feature that I think could be improved: Say you have scrolled through the taxonomic list all the way to Nelson’s Sparrow, then decide that you would like to compare it to Saltmarsh Sparrow. (By the way, how is it possible that these two species are not adjacent in the “taxonomic” list?) Then you decide to turn “Compare On”. The taxonomic lists scoots all the way back to Loons, and you have to scroll all over again! The scroll position should be preserved.

  5. David,
    I see my problem with the Winter Wren complex; on the Tax list the Pacific Wren shows up after A. Dipper and Wrentit. (?) I missed it on the list until I did a search. Thanks for the clarification.

    1. Ahh, yes, Winter Wren and Pacific Wren should appear together, but there was apparently a glitch in the database that caused birds to show up out of order in the taxonomic sequence – almost right, but not quite. This should be fixed with a few other things in the update due out within a few hours.

  6. This updates has been uploaded to android market: 11/18/2010 04H05am (EST)

    v1.2.1 Changelog:

    •Fixed scaling/clarify on bird display and bird comparison.
    •Added “tap to zoom” functionality to all bird images within bird display (single and comparison modes).
    •Updated bird display icons and resolutions.
    •Changed bird info display from white-on-black to black-on-white.
    •Changed “Taxonomic” & “Alphabetic” Theme changed to “black on white”.
    •Split searching of “my list” into a separate process. Pressing the search button anywhere in the application will allow you to search for birds only. Pressing the search button within the “my list” section will allow you to search for birds within “my list” only.
    •Added multiple selection and comparison to global and my list search facilities.
    •Added “Home” menu option to most of the screens (where it made sense to have them). Pressing “Home” will take you to the main screen.
    •Changed theme to “black on white”.
    •Fixed bug submitted by “Kent Fiala” (https://www.sibleyguides.com/2010/11/android-eguide-and-other-updates/comment-page-1/#comment-20756): Lists now stay where they are when you select “Compare On” or “Compare Off” instead of jumping back to the top.
    •Single-quotes in bird info replace with double-quotes (representing inches rather than feet).
    •Taxonomy ordering fixed in Taxonomic Search and Smart Search.

    We would like to thank all users for the valuable input received from the first version.

  7. If you are like me and already have the Sibley Guide to Birds in paper form, you probably thought you couldn’t do any better. Well, bad news. This app transcends the book. It will change birding.

  8. New Version Uploaded V1.2.4

    Changelog – Version 1.2.4

    •Added “Search” menu option to all screens (for devices without a hardware search key).
    •Fixed date bug in My List screens.
    •Updated menu icons which were causing a crash on devices lacking certain built-in icons.

  9. I was wondering if the french language name of birds is included in the search option ? Even if the Ap is in english language, the possibility to do a search using the french language bird name would add tremendously for french speaking birdwatchers (we normally don’t use bird’s english names, making it confusing to find the bird we want).

    Thanks for answering my question !

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