Blackberry eGuide updates

The Blackberry app has been updated again today:

Blackberry Update Version 4.1.0 – 7 Jun 2011

  • Blackberry-style theme (replaces “90′s DOS style” interface)
  • Improved smart search
  • Improved support for touch-enabled devices
  • Improved support for native text auto-complete

This follows an update on 27 May 2011 which included the following changes:

  • Added “My Location” Global filter by state (applies filter across, Taxonomic, Alphabetic and Smart Search)
  • Added “Introduction” Includes Tips, Introduction and Acknowledgements.

The 27 May update should have been free, but some users were charged for it. That issue has been solved, and if you were charged for the update (after already purchasing the app) please send an e-mail to with your full names, address & tel no. YOU WILL BE REFUNDED.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

3 thoughts on “Blackberry eGuide updates”

  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook

    I love this app for my iPad. Is there any chance of adding a season or month option for refining searches?

    1. Thanks. Yes, seasonal data would be a powerful search feature, and we’re working on the idea, but it’s a very big job and it will be a while before that is ready for release.

      1. I really love this product, just got it and started playing with it. Two things:

        1)I believe that the Brown Thrasher sounds on the Blackberry app are out of synch with the associated buttons to play them. They seem to all be there but they are not linked with the correct buttons. I think this may be true of the Brown Headed Nuthatch as well. It may be something wrong with my installation (or my ear!) but it is worth checking.

        2) It would be handy to have a button on the “sound” menu that would stop the sound – some of the sound recordings are somewhat long and there are times when you might need to be very quiet quite suddenly.

        Overall a great product.

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