eGuide update – Redesigned for iPad!

The Sibley eGude to Birds for iPhone and iPad has been updated to be a universal app. The new version takes advantage of the full screen of the iPad to show images and maps at high resolution, show all information (images, text, map, and audio) on a single screen, and in landscape orientation allows viewing the species list and species account at the same time for quick navigation.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the new iPad layout with images, text, map, and audio all together. Scroll up and down to see all images. Tap any image or map to view full screen. Swipe left or right to see previous or next species.
The iPad version in landscape orientation comparing Black-headed and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. You can scroll the images of each species independently up and down, swipe left or right for previous or next species, and select any other species from the list on the left. Tapping any image shows it full screen.

Other projects in the works include a version for Windows Phone 7, a version for Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and various minor improvements to content and navigation.

A few users have reported issues with the new version on the iPod Touch. If this is you please contact us and we’ll get it sorted out. Also note that the update might wipe out any bird list records you have in the app, so make sure you download those and save them before installing the new version. At this time we recommend using the listing function in the app only for temporary record-keeping because of this, for example to keep a list for a day or a trip, then download that data and archive it in another program.

The 2011 name changes announced by the AOU will appear in the next update.

9 thoughts on “eGuide update – Redesigned for iPad!”

  1. So happy to have your excellent app on the iPad in full resolution!

    FYI, when I first updated the “compatible” app on my iPad, I was unable to pull down the “Quick Search” bar from either the Taxonomic or Alphabetic Menus in order to type in a species name. I went into Smart Search and then touched the List button, the Quick Search bar was there at the top of the list… and now it appears as expected at the top of the other menus, as well. A minor bug, but frustrating until I found the trick, which I wanted to pass along to any folks reading these comments.

  2. David, THANK YOU and THANK YOU again for re-designing for iPad. Your guide and app are simply unparalleled. No other app (or current guide, for that matter) did or can approach this quality. I use your app routinely on birding tours to show participants large format illustrations, field marks, and to (respectfully) call in birds. Your app has been viewed by hundreds of kids and hundreds of adults on my ipad, with many, many (thousands) more to come. I guide public hikes for Cleveland Metroparks (CM), and visit schools as a CM naturalist. I guide for Tropical Birding and locally in Ohio for Local Patch Birding. Wherever I travel ’round the nation (most recent, guiding tours at Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival) this is the one and only app that I recommend to all birders. Hurrah for the iPad update. and THANK YOu

  3. An update to the Sibley Birds iOS app has gone live in the App Store (V1.7.1).
    This update fixes the issue where only one image displayed for a species on selected iOS 3 and 4 devices.
    This update also corrects Bullocks and Baltimore Oriole images.
    If after updating the issue remains please completely uninstall the app from your device and then re-download and install again (you won’t be charged again if you use the same iTunes account). *Please make sure that you have an backup of your list before uninstalling.

  4. I recently got a new iPAD and installed the Sibley eGuide as I had on the old iPAD. I can save my old bird list to a file but I can find no way to insert the list into the new application. Please help with this problem

  5. Why on earth have you deleted most of the Orioles on your iPad app all of a sudden? I have several different kinds of Orioles in my yard, with a new kind from time to time, and now I can’t find them on your app. I’m very disappointed! What is going on? Please let me know.

    1. Hi, Usually the issue of “missing” birds in the app simply means that a state or province is selected in “My location” on the home screen. When any location is selected all subsequent browsing is limited to the species known from that location. If you select a different state (with more orioles) or select “All”, then you will see more species. Hope this helps, if this doesn’t solve the problem please let me know.

  6. THANK YOU!!! Somehow, “my location” had gotten stuck on New Brunswick, and I’m in the middle of (old) Mexico. I keep it on “All” in any event.

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