The Sibley eGuide is now available for Blackberry Playbook

Just released and available for download at the Blackberry App World – The Sibley eGuide can now be used on any Blackberry Playbook tablet. All of the features of the eGuide on other platforms are included here:

  • compare any two images, maps, or sounds on a single screen
  • filter by state and by common species
  • view any of the over 6000 images of over 800 species and enlarge/reduce with a tap
  • over 2300 audio clips
  • and more

Next up, we’re investigating the possibility of converting the app to run on Barnes & Noble Nook tablets, stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “The Sibley eGuide is now available for Blackberry Playbook”

  1. If one more vote for the Sibley Guide for the Nook Color is all that’s needed to make it so, …. Then this is that vote. Please, .. DO IT !!

    1. Hi Steve, The developers tell me that they are currently looking into the Nook. I guess it runs a version of the Andrpoid operating system, so it should be possible to convert the Sibley eGuide, but they don’t know yet how much work will be involved. So stay tuned. I will post when I know anything new. And thanks for your patience.

    2. Good day Steve,

      Per David’s comments the Nook does run a version of Android and we are in the process of creating a Nook version of the Sibley eGuide. It will hopefully be completed and available within the next few weeks.

      Regards, Development Team

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