Tempo, and bird song identification

Part 3 of my introduction to learning bird songs is now up (click here).

In this discussion, tempo refers to the overall “pace” of the song, the number of notes or phrases per second. We describe this as fast or slow, and over the course of the whole song the tempo can be steady or variable. To be exact, tempo depends on the duration of notes, the duration of pauses between notes, the duration of different sections of the song, etc. For now, though, we will just be listening to the overall sound….
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1 thought on “Tempo, and bird song identification”

  1. Deborah Frontczak

    I am having a hard time identifying a bird near my house. I am in SE Michigan, NE suburb of Detroit. I live about a mile from Lake St. Clair, right across the street from a lagoon and .5 mile from Clinton River. There is a loud bird with a brrrrrrrrr sound – starts on the same pitch, then falls at the end. It is very loud. I don’t hear him a lot, maybe once a day. It sounds like the call of a larger bird. I’ve listened to all the “common” birds for my area and nothing. any ideas??? thanks!

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