Original Art for sale

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The gallery of artwork for sale will be returning soon.


To Purchase:

If you are interested in purchasing one or more pieces, the first step is to contact me to confirm that the pieces are still available. If they are, I will reserve them for you while the next step – payment – is completed.

Also, Original paintings on Commission

If you are interested in my original artwork but don’t find anything here that captures your fancy, you might want to consider commissioning a painting of the species of your choice. More info about commissions is at this link

8 thoughts on “Original Art for sale”

  1. How does the ink on scratchboard medium work? Is it ink on a white board that is then scratched off or is it all black to begin with?

    1. I use the readily available Windsor & Newton Designer’s Gouache, nothing fancy. My technique involves layers of translucent color, and I often apply these layers with cross-hatching using a dry brush to build up the subtle shadings and transitions of color. The cross-hatching style also works well to develop the texture of feathers if I’m working on a more detailed view.

  2. Hi, I just purchased a drawing of a spaniel from a charity shop for my son for Christmas, I fell in love with it at once, it has a signature “M J Sibley, with a copy right sign in the bottom of the j, would this be an original and if so, what would it be worth in value, he has spaniels and will love this, it is just nice to know, Hazel

  3. Sir, I have a pencil drawling of a Pekingese dog. The signature on it is M.J.Sibley. Would you know who he/she is? I bought it in Crossville Tennessee. I just love the picture. The funny thing about this is – the day I bought it was the very same day I put a down payment on two female Pekingese pups that were only 5 days old. Thank you.

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