posted October 1st, 2009; last edited December 18th, 2012 –– David Sibley

Art Gallery

Original art

Fox Sparrow, ink on scratchboard, copyright David Sibley

Painted Redstart and Bridled Titmouse, gouache on Bristol Board. copyright 2012 David Sibley.

I am currently offering commissioned paintings of the bird of your choice. Click for examples and more info.

A selection of my older work is also available for sale and can be seen at this link. The pieces offered include gouache portraits of birds, many of which were printed in a weekly New York Times syndicated newspaper column from 2002 to 2005. Some were also printed in the book Bright Wings in 2009, as well as in magazine articles, on posters, etc.

Also offered are a number of black-and-white drawings in both pen-and-ink and scratchboard, completed between 1985 and 2001. These were published in a variety of books and magazines.

Please contact me with any questions about commissions or older work.


Prints of several of my paintings are available. See Prints for sale for more info about these.


How to Draw Birds: In fall 2009 I stopped in at the offices of in Seattle, Washington, where I met a couple of young birder/artists and talked about drawing birds. Several short videos from that afternoon are now posted here.

How I paint: Most of my bird paintings are done in gouache (opaque watercolor) on Strathmore Bristol Board, and over the years I’ve developed a style involving transparent/translucent layers of paint to represent the colors and textures of birds. A slideshow showing one painting from start to finish can be found at this post.


Painted Redstart and Bridled Titmouse, gouache on Bristol Board. copyright 2012 David Sibley.


Fox Sparrow, ink on scratchboard, copyright David Sibley

Zonotrichia_albicollis_352_small_inventoryDumetella_223_full_inventoryIcterus_galbula_218_small_inventoryPainted Redstart and Bridled Titmouse, gouache on Bristol Board. copyright 2012 David Sibley.Sphyrapicus_thyroid_male226_inventoryFox Sparrow, ink on scratchboard, copyright David Sibley

5 comments to Art Gallery

  • Rick Volkmar

    Shoot – I must be doing something wrong. I can find no site listed
    as “sibleyart” and this so-called gallery is very disappointing. Not
    only are there just a smattering of examples, but they are too small
    to get any idea of their quality. Considering the spectacular wealth
    of paintings in the Sibley Guide, I don’t get this site. I’ve been
    painting birds for sixty years and I love your opaque wc works, and
    am even emulating the technique with oil on paper, but this is just
    a major-league bummer. Regards, Rick

    • Rick,
      Thanks for the comments. I’ve been working on a number of things to post here, and just got one of them up. I hope to have a few more essays, and a sampler of my work, posted in the next month or two.

  • KIM

    To whom it may concern

    Iam trying to find out the first book you published, i think it was like 200 pages or something.

  • Sandra Kelly

    Click on the picture thumbnails and they will enlarge for you to view. Very nice work..Sandi

  • So love your work, David! And your books…couldn’t live without them.

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