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Sibley Birds v2 app


All new in late 2018! The app based on the Sibley Guide to Birds includes all of the content in the printed guide as well as over 2800 audio recordings, additional text, complete seasonal status data for every species in every state and province, hundreds of searchable criteria, and much more.

This is a completely new app, not an update of the original app, and must be purchased separately.

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Some tips on how to use the app are here

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New in November 2018! The new Sibley Birds app has arrived with comprehensive, up to date information of over 930 North American species. All the detailed artwork from David Sibley’s Guide to Birds Second Edition is included as well as thorough descriptions and distribution maps.

Features include:
• A new easy to navigate menu system on iPhone.
• A new grid view with larger thumbnails.
• Display species names in English, French, Spanish and Latin (Scientific).
• Search on banding code to quickly find a species.
• Over 2700 calls/songs covering most species.
• Compare 2 species side by side.
• Apply a location (US State or Canadian Province) to narrow down the list of birds.
• When a location has been selected, a status icon will appear next to each species in that location indicating whether it is Common, Uncommon, Scarce, Rare or Very rare.
• Detailed information in the species description including location status by month.
• A similar species feature which shows all related birds.
• A vastly improved Smart Search with refined search criteria: Status and by month (when a location is selected), Bird habits, Bird Type, Bird Size, Body Shape, Color and Pattern.
• Keep a personal list (My List) of species seen and backup to iCloud/other cloud service.
• Sort My List taxonomically.

Version History

November 2018 – v2 released

December 2018 – two minor updates for corrections and bug fixes

April 2019 a major update (iOS and Android) adds the following improvements:

  • added over 200 new audio recordings and cleaned up some issues with existing recordings
  • Status and monthly status filters are now grouped with Location so they are global settings (not just in Smart Search). Current selections are shown at the top of every list screen, and tapping the info there leads directly to the settings screen where location and status filters can be changed. Also, turning location off and back on will return automatically to the most recently selected location.
  • A new Tags feature lets you create your own species lists that are sharable (as csv files) and searchable (in Smart Search)
  • improved display of audio data to show sound type, location, and recordist
  • Fixed list display so that whether you select “alphabetic” or “taxonomic” the list will continue to be shown in that order, rather than reverting to “taxonomic” every time.
  • Many updates to text and monthly status data, and other tweaks and bug fixes

December 2019 – Many updates to content:

  • Added two new species – Nazca Booby and Stejneger’s Scoter
  • added a few new images for existing species such as a variant of American Wigeon known as “Storm” wigeon, intergrade Northern Flickers, etc, and updated images for several other species.
  • added horizontal lines to help visually separate images
  • added over 100 new audio recordings
  • corrected a few audio recordings and updated labels for hundreds
  • updated text, status, and other data for many species