posted May 3rd, 2012; last edited May 18th, 2012 –– David Sibley

The Basics of Identifying Bird Sounds

A singing Canada Warbler

Learning bird songs is one of the most important, and most challenging, skills for a birder to develop. There is some level of innate skill and hearing ability involved, but most of what is required is simply practice and study. It is similar to learning a foreign language, and with a little bit of effort anyone can expect incremental progress towards fluency.

New pages will be added here periodically, building into a series of pages discussing different aspects of identifying and understanding the songs and calls of birds.


Introduction: Learning to listen to bird songs

Pitch, and bird song identification

Tempo, and bird song identification

Understanding Quality, in bird song identification

Describing Quality

Trilled Songs of Eastern Birds

Planned for future posts:

More on the fundamental variables of bird song


Understanding bird language

Taxonomy and bird songs

And more…

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