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I’ve just updated my map of upcoming events, and here is what’s on the calendar for this spring and summer:

The University of Mississippi Museum is hosting an exhibit of my original art, including many plates from the Guide to Birds, some from the Guide to Trees, and a few earlier drawings and paintings (going back to when I was eight years old). The exhibit opened in late February and runs until early September. I’ll be there myself in just a couple of weeks, April 2 to 4, for lectures, workshops, and gallery walks. More info here.

In early May I will be in Ohio for the Biggest Week in American Birding. It’s not an exaggeration to say that northwestern Ohio has some of the best spring birding on the continent, and I’m looking forward to being back there to see it.

In June I will be returning to Denali National Park for a week at Camp Denali and North Face Lodge. It’s truly a unique place. Every cabin is positioned to have a panoramic view across the valley to the mountain. Even the outhouse has a view of Denali through the cutout in the door. It’s rustic luxury, in an incredible setting, with amazing wildlife.

Here are some photos from my last visit in June 2017:

A pair of Long-tailed Jaegers escorting a Golden Eagle out of their territory
A mother Grizzly with cubs, seen from the van
Some of the “lesser” peaks that flank Denali, as seen from my cabin in the early morning

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  1. I’m watching a show about ivory billed woodpeckers. I have two very large woodpeckers that come to my yard the last two summers. I call them woody woodpeckers, I don’t know what kind they are.if you are interested contact me. Thank you.

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