🔶 🔶 I will be away from the studio and out birding from Friday May 28 to Sunday Jun 13. Any orders received during that time will be shipped after I return on the 13th.
Thanks for your support and patience. Stay healthy and keep birding!

Tree Guide updates

Variation in shape of Hickory nuts

Thanks to an email from Ray Telfair I’ve taken a closer look at the illustrations and descriptions of hickory nuts on pages 143 to 149 in the Guide to Trees.  I used the terms “angled” and “ribbed” interchangeably, and illustrations such as Pignut Hickory p 145 appear “angled”, which is confusing and incorrect, so I’ll try to …

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A modern (holistic) approach to Tree Identification

Through this fall I’ve been talking about what I tried to accomplish in my new Guide to Trees. In essence, I tried to approach tree identification in the same way that modern birders approach bird identification, to create “a tree guide for birdwatchers”. Most guides to tree identification use keys at some level, which are …

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Updates to the Tree Guide

I have spent the last seven years working intensively on my new Guide to Trees, but of course a few misstatements and errors somehow managed to creep in. I’m always interested in learning more, correcting my mistakes, and passing along to you – the reader – newer, better, more accurate information. So if you notice …

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