posted February 4th, 2013; last edited February 4th, 2013 –– David Sibley

Updated app for iPhone

The Sibley eGuide to Birds app for iPhone has been updated.

This update adds thumbnail images of every species in the scrolling list and in search results, the option to display common names in French, Spanish, or Latin instead of English, the latest AOU taxonomy including splits of Scripps’s and Guadalupe Murrelet, new audio for Bendire’s Thrasher and Cackling Goose, and some minor corrections.

Similar features for Android and other platforms coming soon.

more info here

1 comment to Updated app for iPhone

  • Aaron Boone

    The app for iPhone is amazing! I have one recommendation for future updates–the ability to tap in a 4-letter code for quick placement on a species account. I use BirdLog religiously and I frequently catching myself tapping in 4-letter codes on the Sibley app. Would be very useful…

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